Basics of blackjack

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Blackjack can be played with one deck of cards, up to eight decks of cards; eight decks are the regular amount used when playing Blackjack. All cards from three to ten are valued at their face value; Jacks, Queens and Kings are all valued at ten and an Ace is valued at 1 or 11, depending on the hand the player wishes to play.

The aim of Blackjack is to try and reach a total hand value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible. If the dealer or the player hits over 21; this is a ‘bust’, causing a loss. For example; if a dealer has a hand of 17 and a player has a hand of 19; this is a good place for the player to be. If the player decides to ‘hit’ and receives a 3 card, the player will bust and the dealer will win the hand. The house edge will always be at an advantage to the player when playing this game. If a dealer and player have hands that are of the same value, this will be classed as a ‘tie’; this means the original bet will be returned to the player and the game will be carried on as usual.

At the beginning of the game, each player will have to place a wager; this is known as an ‘ante bet’. The dealer will proceed to give two cards to each player in a counter clockwise fashion. One card will be dealt face-up and the other card will be dealt face-down; the facedown card is better known as the ‘hole card’. It is then the players’ time to decide what strategy to play with their hand; if the dealer has a ten or an Ace, the player will most likely ‘surrender’, if this rule is permitted. An ‘insurance bet’ is also possible if a surrender is not allowed; this is a bet to guess whether the dealer has blackjack or not; if the dealer has blackjack, all bets will be lost; if the dealer ties with the player, the wager is kept but no winnings are paid out. An insurance bet will give a payout of 2:1; if a blackjack is present, the payouts will be made, if not, the game will carry on as usual.

A ‘stand’ is when a player is happy with their hand and would not like to add another card to it. For example, if a player had a hand with a value of 20, the probability of the player receiving an Ace is very small; therefore leaving the hand to stand is the best option. A player can either say the word ‘stand’ out loud or wave the dealer on to the next person.

A ‘hit’ is when the player asks the dealer to hand them another card; the player can keep hitting until they reach the number they desire, without busting. Most players will stop at around 16 to be safe.

A ‘double’ is when a player would like to be dealt just one more card; if they feel they will gain a card that will not bust the hand, the player is allowed to double down. An extra wager can be added for that card, but doubling down is only possible on the first two cards dealt. A double down is also allowed after a split.

A ‘split’ is when a player is allowed to split their hand into two, if they are dealt a pair; for example; two 5’s or two 8’s. The player will then place a bet on the additional hand, therefore, allowing the player to play two hands. The first hand will be played until a 21 is achieved, a bust or until the player is happy sticking at their final hand value. All payouts are earned per hand; if the first hand busts, money can still be made on the other hand; as long as it beats the dealer.

Surrender’ allows the player to look at their first two cards and make the decision of whether to play the hand or lose half of their bet; a hand can also be folded under the surrender rule. This rule is usually only permitted if an Ace is the value of the dealers’ face-up card. ‘Late surrender’ is another variant of the rule, available in some casinos; this allows the player to surrender if the dealer does not have Blackjack, but this still means the player will not win. ‘Early surrender’ is when a player can fold before the dealer looks at or reveals his cards.

When all players have made their decisions on their hands, the dealer will see all the players cards until he is the last one on the table to display his cards; this will determine whether the house wins or not. If the dealer has a total hand value of 17 or more, they always have to stand; if the dealer has a total hand value of less than 17, they must always hit and if a dealer has a soft 17, they will have to hit. If the dealer busts, then all other players on the table that have not bust will receive their payouts.

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Australian Online Pokies

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Australian pokies online have been popular since the middle of the millennium when they became available for residents to play. Since this time, online pokies has seen incredible growth with many games to choose from. Online pokies are in many ways, better than what Australians find in the pub, RSL or casinos. The jackpots are much bigger and there are higher game RTP’s.

Australian pokies are one of the simplest ways to gamble as they’re pretty basic and yet highly entertaining. Online pokies are designed similarly but there are free spins and gambling options. Online pokies often come with a great description also which gives people all the information about the game before they start to play. There is a wider range of betting options which Australians like. The limits are higher than that of the pub and club games so people that like to bet and win big will have a lot more options to do so.

The steps to playing pokies online are easy. An Australian will find a site that allows them to play such as They then install the free software and enter details to register for an account. They then make a deposit. Online casinos use the latest security for financial transactions so they’re as safe to use as any reputable shopping site. Once they have made their deposit, they will often receive a sign-up bonus. With a variety of options for play, they can browse for games and start playing pokies online. Online casinos often offer a free trial so Australians can sample the game first. To get the winnings, they must request a withdrawal through the banking section of the casino site. There are a variety of ways they can cash out whether it’s putting money back onto your credit card, debit card or bank transfer. The Paypal of online casinos is called NETeller which makes paying and cashing out simple.

There are bonus game a lot of the time with Australian online pokies so you win free spins that become multiplied wins. When there are gambling features, you can choose to double or quadruple your chance of winning. Australian style pokies have become popular in casinos all over the world. This is due to the entertainment factor they offer in comparison to old slot machines.

Online pokies is likely to see even more popularity as the Australian government continues to impose more rules on casino practice in Australia. There are gambling activists in Australia that are pushing to set limits on how much money a person can spend on gambling. Online pokies have no restrictions so players can use their own discretion. It’s also a plus that online pokies is convenient and something you can play wherever and whenever you please.

Australia was experiencing a major boom within the online pokies industry prior to 2001. The Interactive Gambling Act resulted in online casinos being illegal in Australia. The online operations that were there before the act was passed were still allowed to operate. Players in Australia now have to look online internationally for sites that accept Australians.

So How Does a Casino Work?

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The secret to gambling is understanding how a casino works before you’ve bought into all of the flash. Casinos are run by smart, sophisticated, successful entrepreneurs. And these people did not get where they are by giving away money. Your strongest course of action is to be knowledgeable of how casino

work so you can be the master of your experience.

If you come at them thinking that you are the king and that they’ve never seen anyone like you before then you are kidding yourself. They know exactly everything about you, income, who you are, what you like and dislike, if you are married or divorced. Are they the CIA of FBI then? Is there a secret cabal, a conspiracy between the state and these casino people?

No, they are always analyzing tons of data on gamblers so as to develop profiles of those who are likely to blow their cold hard cash on the games the casino offers. Nothing is overlooked regarding their intelligence efforts. Absolutely every possible element within the casino, wallpaper design, carpet color and thickness, scent, level of music volume, dress of the staff is there to pull you in and keep you spending your money as long as possible. Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell are orchestrated to one end; keep you feeling good so you will continue to spend money.

A casino has an unbreakable rule which is that “The house always wins.” There are several games designed to allow smart players to win occasionally, but casinos are in business like all other businesses and that is to make a profit, to make money for the owners (remember them? the smart, successful entrepreneurs?).

So how do they make their money? Basically in three ways which are common to all casinos:

1)They charge a commission on certain games like sports betting. 2) In a number of their games, they don’t pay out the true odds. They take a little cut of the winnings. So for example in a game like roulette you bet on a 37-1 turn for the right number and if you guess right your winnings are only 35-1. Now it might not seem like much to you, but over a single night with hundreds of people betting and some winning the casino’s winnings mount up fast. And 3) Every casino has a natural house edge. An advantage that can be worked out mathematically (and believe it people, there are literally hundreds of books and papers that have been written on that very subject, some of them have been written by university students scripting their doctoral thesis for mathematics). So if you want more than a night’s fun at the casino, if you want to win… then learn and become smart.

Black Jack in Australia

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Blackjack is a beatable card game that is played in casinos and online all over the world. It is a game with probabilities based on events throughout play. Australian blackjack is similar to the game played on a worldwide scope. Unlike the US and many other countries, the dealer doesn’t take a hole card in Australian rules. This well known game constantly evolves within Australian. The online sources such as are abundant and the new technology continues to make it more exciting as time goes by.

In Australian blackjack, if a player doubles or splits and at the same time the dealer gets a blackjack there are a variety of outcomes depending on the casino. The hole-card rule has four possibilities. OBO is when the dealer take’s a player’s original bet no matter what they did. The player can split or double under the rule without losing more than the original bet. This is similar to what is seen in American blackjack which is when the dealers peeks for blackjack. The European No hole card is when the dealer takes the total amount of player bet which includes splits and doubles based on the dealer getting a blackjack. Busted Bets Plus One is when the dealer takes all busted bets plus another unit from everything else player may have bet from splitting or doubling. Original and Busted Bets Only is when a dealer takes any busted bet plus one unit from each un-busted hand on the table. Standing rules that apply all over Australia include double after split is allowed, double allowed on 9-11 only and surrender is not allowed.

Australian blackjack terminology is essential to the understanding of the game. The term “hit” means to take an additional card while “stand” is a term to take no additional cards. “Split” is when the player matches original wager and splits first two cards into separate hands. Two cards must the same point value. In a split hand, the ace and ten are considered 21, not blackjack. Double down is when the player receives one additional card because they have matched the original on first two cards dealt. Insurance is a player buying insurance when dealer’s up card is an ace. This is an extra amount wagered that equals half of player’s original wager. If the dealer has blackjack, insurance wager pays 2 to 1. If dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, insurance wager loses and game continues. Blackjack trumps a point total of 21. The player also has the option of taking insurance by accepting even money for their blackjack if they have been dealt one.

Not only can Aussies play blackjack in the casinos but they can also play online. The devoted players that once played in the casinos are also enjoying the game at online casinos. The play has great options with good storylines, making it an enticing spin on a well known card game. Live casino gaming is getting a lot of attention with players of Australian blackjack. Live playing involves games that are streamed from a casino so all players can see the actions of other players. The dealers interact with the at home players and are very friendly. This is a fast growing trend as Australians can play within the live casino vibe playing from the privacy of their own home.

South African Casino Check List

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Out of the entire South African population only 5.5% haven’t had some form of wager, believe it or not over 23% of us enjoy playing slots. Today’s South African online casinos normally carry well over 200 different types of slots game verifying from the traditional three reel slot to the more recent five reel multiple payline monster slots. All these games are available at a click of a button and most South African online casino look and feel quite similar. So how can we tell which ones are worth joining and which ones we should sear clear from? In this article we look at some of the key factors that all interested South African online casino enthusiasts should take note of.

Firstly, does the online casino cater for South Africans? After reading the online review and clicking through to the particular online casino of interest the landing page should offer a welcome bonus in Rands rather than dollars, there will also be a link which will list deposit information. The deposit methods should list local South African banking options such as Entropay or Envoy. Once you are comfortable that the online casino accepts Rands and you can deposit using your local credit card its then time to either download the software or register an account instantly through your browser however if you’re not completely sure and would like further information about depositing clicking on the live chat button on the casino site will enable a live chat pop up box which will be operated by the particular casinos support team. Once prompted any additional questions you might have can be asked here. Once you’ve downloaded the online casino you’ll be able to register your new account by firstly selecting the language, registering your details and then selecting your preferred currency, Rands for example. As soon as this stage is done a further prompt will come up asking if you would like to go to the cashier and make your first deposit. Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus which is normally a 100% deposit match so depositing R1000 would mean your balance would be R2000, the deposit match is normally always automatic and immediate, as soon as you’ve made your first deposit you’ll be back to the casino lobby or menu page, here you can select which online slots or table game you would like to play.

Remember, online casinos are for entertainment purposes. Enjoy your time playing and only wager what you can afford to lose.

How to win playing online slots

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So I would love to say that there’s a secret way of winning every spin whilst playing online slots. There’s various websites out on the internet which will try to convince new online slots players of various systems winning formulas, all you need to do is “purchase this PDF and off you go” owners of such websites should be strung by the neck but that’s just my opinion. The owners of such sites are simply criminals out to steal money from people like me and you.

The truth is there is no formula to constantly winning whilst playing online slots. The only way to increase your chances of winning is to understand the game you’re playing.

Online slots are available to play for enjoyment obviously there’s going to be times you’re going to win money but if playing for money only is the reason you’re going to play online slots its probably better you don’t play at all. Always bet what you can afford to lose. This goes with any form of gambling, the big mistake some people make which impedes there enjoyment is to chase their loses by either doubling a losing bet or continuing gambling after spending the original bank roll set aside.

Get to know the online slot you are playing. Before setting the paylines and amount you wish to wager per spin, check the pay table out. Checkout what the wilds, scatters and bonus rounds out and find out if there’s any minimum bets needed to activate the bonus features of the game.

Last but not least understand online slots are built for wagering entertainment. Don’t get carried away! Enjoy your gaming session if you find you are always walking away with less money than you started with then identify why. If you winning then cash out or set an acceptable level of winnings before you walk away. Online slots are great fun and as long as you keep this in mind, you’re always going to win.